ginny_lv_harry (ginny_lv_harry) wrote,

Thinking of finding other place to interact with friends

I have not been on here for so long and like many of you I am not happy with new layout of livejournal. I was wondering where everyone on my list...if they even look on livejournal or even remember me where are you more happy with.

I have a few good friends on here that I would like to add to my Facebook account, which my sister started for me, I didn't want to be like everyone else and be on Facebook, but it looks like everyone else is. Recently, we had a close friend pass away and everyone HAD TO POST. And that is how some of his family found out. I only have a few friends....I don't believe in having my bosses on Facebook, only a few coworker and a few friends from school and HP fandom friends on there.

Not to happy with it sometimes, but is good also living here in Oklahoma during tornado season. I just wanted to see if they is anyone still out there.

I also feel like I don't have time to be on here a lot, with working with trying to save for our WEEK LONG trip to Orlando in October.

Don't know just bumped out again!!!!!
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