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my gift from billficaton community

I received a wonderful gift at bill_ficathon Bill/Hermione pairing.

take a look at it if you like. I totally enjoyed it.

Recipient's LJ name: ginny_lv_harry
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Bill/Hermione
Word Count: ~3700
Warnings: Outdoor sex. Is that so bad?
Disclaimer: JK Rowling retains the ownership of all characters and settings borrowed from the Harry Potter series of books.
Summary: The moon rules Bill’s life, but it has also set him free.
Author's notes: ginny_lv_harry, you had my favorite Bill pairing listed as your own fave ship. How could I not write something for you with them, dear? There is a bit of plot and rather a lot of porn. I hope you enjoy. Heh.
Thank you to my betas, who were tremendously helpful, and to our lovely mod, who has been so helpful and patient!

Run, Run, as Fast as You Can!!!!

please reveiw and let the mysterious writer what you thought!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
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Here are pics for my current projects!!!!!!!!


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These are per-fired. Used scrapbook stickers....don't know if I want leave the letters white or paint them a lite badge. I think I posted my coffe mug....I found the supplier that the purple glazes uses....very inexpensive. If any of you are add tic coffee drinkers I would be happy to make anyone a mug...think of it as early Xmas. I can make it look like any house...spells, quotes, or even your other hobby such as being a dance mom, -----sbrande....or a writer or you want pink with butterflies on it. The rubber lid and grib are in white that is all she has right now. I will let you know if she has or can get any others.

Also a regular coffe mug only cost $1.90 befor firing ...so if you like my

Coffee mug...and can make several of them ... Got the colors and get the mugs and put the glaze on them and have them get fired. Or if you would like something to take with you to ascendo......Let me know.


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I have no interest watching Hugo...looks like a Harry potter wannabe....the only reason it's wining is because scorcassy is putting money up for them to vote on.....sorry transformers was way...way ...way....better...did you es the behind the scenes with the the sound mixer guy.....the transformers where made from sound mixing......RRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
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Hi guys had pic taken don.t know how to upload from iPad. We are at Walmart waiting for breaking dawn part 1. Talk to u guys later....

we are home now. there was a big line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got my movie..the fabric poster looks aswsome. I got a reaking dawn screen cleaner and some 'cake' rings. I got 2 of each. I camped out at 7:30pm. now i just need ot buy the exclusive target ipad case and i am good to go.

load up pick later. off to watch the movie....
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my niece had a birthday party at a local cermaics store. not bad $6.00 to use paints and glaze fire...although the kids did a paint and take home.

my daughter and I did some that will be fired.

she did a heart shape trinket box and I did a picture frame. I painted it in green and grey slythrin colors. couldn't for the life of me remember the details on how the scars stripes are. but I painted it any way!!! I think I mess it up with putting black lines on the stripes, but the green and grey had three coats and the black only had one, so maybe it won't be to dark. I wanted to write slythrin, but I couldn't double check it. i didn't want to spell it wrong and at that point the kids were getting loud and my art karma was going away- so I had to stop painting and making it worse.

I will get it thurdsay or night moday---you can go to the place on mondays and not get charged the ''studio'' fee.

I will have to see how that works out----I want to make some coffe mugs - frames- plates of harry potter stuff.

it it works out I will have to see if any of you want a mug or frame with a potter theme

i want to try quotes, the glass-lighting bolt- maybe potter puppet pals look. and something snape like....don't know for sure.

****I was wanting to compare the cermaic mug or snape mug that someone got from the bingo exchange, if you are on my flist or if you know who got it could you let me know by the link or the person. Thank you so much. or if you know of any one is familair with hp ceramic art.

Thank you so much!!!